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DateSupplierTotal CostTypeComment
0000-00-00Paul0.00 privatePurchases by Paul during work trip
0000-00-00Paul0.00 private
0000-00-00Weinkistl0.00 dealerSkiing trip to Saalfelden with Jen and Paul
2007-05-010.00 Shop in St-Emilion during Bordeaux trip with gang
2007-05-01Ch. de Monbazillac0.00 producerChateau visit with Paul and Richard during Bordeaux trip with gang
2007-05-01CVS (Denis)0.00 dealerBordeaux trip with gang
2007-05-01Fruitiere Vinicole D'Arbois0.00 producerBordeaux trip with gang
2007-05-24Chateau Pontet-Canet200.00 EURproducerWine tour of Bordeaux in 2007 with the gang
2007-11-01Ca'Rome' (Romano Marengo)150.00 EURproducerBarolo tour with gang; acquired by Paul and Jen
2007-11-01Cantina Comunale di La Morra75.00 EURdealerBarolo tour with gang
2007-11-01Enoteca Grandi Vini45.00 EURdealerBarolo tour with gang
2007-11-01Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco49.00 EURdealerBarolo tour with gang
2007-11-01Enoteca Regionale del Barolo78.00 EURdealerBarolo tour with gang
2007-11-01Enoteca Regionale del Roero77.01 EURdealerBarolo tour with gang
2007-11-01La Contea53.84 EURdealerBarolo tour with gang
2007-11-01Paolo Saracco60.00 EURproducerFrom hotel during Barolo trip with gang
2007-11-02Castello di Verduno307.00 EURproducerTrip to Barolo with gang
2008-06-01Ca'Rome' (Romano Marengo)0.00 producerPostal, arranged by Richard, delivered to Bevs office
2008-06-01Mövenpick M-Süd dealer
2008-07-01Mövenpick M-Süd dealer
2008-09-01 Barcelona airport, returning from Penedes trip
2008-09-01Torres0.00 producerPenedes tour with gang
2008-11-01Georg Hack0.00 dealer
2008-11-01Mövenpick M-Süd dealer
2008-11-09Delinat219.35 EURdealerLieferschein 1658951
2008-12-0118550.00 dealerPostal, organised by Lise
2009-01-01Mövenpick M-Süd dealer
2009-04-01Wein & Vinos0.00 dealer
2009-05-01Aufricht251.80 EURproducerFirst visit with Daniel when Opa told his war stories!
2009-05-01Mövenpick M-Süd dealerRhone wine tasting
2009-05-01Wein & Vinos0.00 dealer
2009-07-01Antonelli - San Marco0.00 producerHoliday in Umbria with gang
2009-07-01Colpetrone0.00 producerHoliday in Umbria with gang
2009-07-01Lamborghini0.00 producerHoliday in Umbria with gang
2009-07-01Madonna Alta0.00 producerHoliday in Umbria with gang
2009-07-01Montioni0.00 producerUmbria holiday with gang
2009-07-04 Birthday present from Olaf and Kazuyo
2009-08-01 Gift from Spiros
2009-10-28La Cantinetta (di Sergio Bolzan) dealer
2009-11-01Bovenga due18.00 EURdealerAnna vernisage
2009-12-23Karstadt (Hertie)15.00 EURdealerChristmas pressie
2010-01-05Weinhandel Esser33.60 EURdealerRechnung 14184; first visit
2010-01-06Paul0.00 privateFrom their trip to Trento; consummed at the Puy-en-Velay lentil lunch
2010-02-18Mövenpick Wein GmbH (Online)180.80 EURdealerBelegnummer 90390151
2010-04-0787.30 EURBev buys whilst Garys away in Saudi!
2010-04-07Mövenpick Wein GmbH (Online)87.30 EURdealerBelegnummer 90407852
2010-04-24La Cantinetta (di Sergio Bolzan)174.80 EURdealerWine tasting; Bon 729
2010-05-08Berts Weinexpress101.15 EURdealerRechnung R20101363; South Africa info tap-up
2010-05-08Paul0.00 privateJen raided their fridge whilst Paul was away and brought a special over for dinner with us!
2012-12-18Delinat136.70 EURdealerRechnung 2792263
2013-03-09La Cantinetta (di Sergio Bolzan)222.02 EURdealerBon 741743
2013-03-21Corsini Bottiglieria & Ristorante54.50 EURdealerSan Marino WC Qualifier
2013-03-23Monte Fasolo215.00 EURproducerSan Marino WC Qualifier
2013-03-24124.10 EURSan Marino WC Qualifier, Iper Castelfranco, via Dei Carpani 21A
2013-08-31Coffele70.50 EURproducerTuscany holiday 2013
2013-08-31Monte Tondo37.20 EURproducerTuscany holiday 2013
2013-09-02Consorzio del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano15.00 EURdealerTuscany holiday 2013
2013-09-02Dei318.00 EURproducerTuscany holiday 2013
2013-09-02Poliziano72.00 EURproducerTuscany holiday 2013
2013-09-0433.00 EURTuscany holiday 2013
2013-09-06Molesini220.00 EURdealerTuscany holiday 2013
2024-03-13Monte Tondo140.00 EURproducerSan Marino WC Qualifier
Total623921.97 EUR